The George Watson Memorial Hall Saturday 13th August 2022



This Place of Worship was founded in 1805.

This site in In which the building stands was bought for a Friends Meeting House in 1804 and the building was erected in 1805, but its trust deed was not completed until 1810. It is set back from the street, and partially hidden by other buildings.

By 1850, however the premises had become too large, and meetings were continued in private rooms. The premises were let, and the building used for various public functions for the next 11 years. In 1861, it was sold to the nearby Baptist Church, and was used as their Sunday-school until 1880!

It was converted to its present use as a public hall The George Watson Memorial Hall in 1909.


Reported activity


Apparitions have been seen! Objects moving on their own! Unexplained noises! And staff being touched!! What will we discover at our first investigation here? 👻👻



George Watson Memorial Hall

65 Barton Street


GL20 5PX


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About the Night

Event 8pm-2am

Free Hot drinks and light refreshments

Use of paranormal equipment (k2, emf, spirit box, oujia boards, table tipping and much more)

Free time



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Watson Hall 13/08/2022

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