Tolhouse Gaol - Great Yarmouth

24th September 2022

8pm - 2am


2 Locations 2 nights

Elizabethan house 23/09/22 & Tolhouse Gaol 24/09/22 for £70

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Reported activity.

Reports from guests being pushed or even scratched, to apparation being seen and disembodied voices or screams being heard. Will you see the lady that walks the jail or hear scratches at doors? With the orginal cells and gallows it's time to explore who still resides in the goal!


One of the UK's oldest prison tolhouse museum was originally built as a merchant house around 1150 it is one of the oldest remaining buildings in town. It became a toll house in the 13th century. It later became a goal occupied by smugglers, pirates, thieves, murderers and even witches!! Men, women and children were kept in the dungeon 'The Hold' punishment ranged from bring whipped, placed in stocks, branded with hot iron to be hanged including several local women accused of being a witch. Hard labour was used in the 18th century where prisoners used treadmills or picking oakum. As with most prisons they were over crowded and unsanitary. Ready for demolition in 1882 it was saved and became a library with the musuem added in 1895 which still stands today, despite being bombed during the blitz it was restored and reopened in 1960. During its time it has also been used as a police station, court house, Town Hall and council of war room.

With so much history its not a suprise this place is haunted. Will you encounter?!

Address: 12 Tolhouse St, Great Yarmouth NR30 2SQ

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About the Night


Free Hot drinks and light refreshments

Use of paranormal equipment (k2, emf, spirit box, oujia boards, table tipping and much more)

Free time

Suggested hotels:

The Clarence right on the seafront from £88 for double room for 2 night.

Marine Lodge from £178 for a double room for 2 nights.

Over 18’s only. Strictly no alcohol, drugs or pregnant women.

•Although we research into the venues we book and have reports of paranormal activity. We cannot guarantee activity on the night.

*Hotels are suggestion only we except no liability for your booking with any hotel.

Tolhouse Gaol - Great Yarmouth 24/09/22