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Scolton Manor

27th July 2024

Reported Activity

Many ghostly going’s on have been witnessed by us at this beautiful manor including mists, shadow figures, children's footstep running around, giggles, smells of burning and pipe smoke, whispers and the feeling of being watched, someone playing peek a boo! We have had good oujia, pendulum, and spirit box sessions. Interaction with equpiment!

What will you experience?



Designed by local architects William and James Owen, Scolton Manor was built in 1840 and occupied from 1842 by the Higgon family. The house replaced a former building owned by the same family, which had burned down in the mid-eighteenth century. Scolton Manor was home to the Higgon's family until World War Two, when it became a convalescent hospital. In 1972, it was bought by the Pembrokeshire County Council and restored to a house the county museum, offering visitors a glimpse of Victorian life above and below the stairs.


Come and join us!!


Address: Scolton Manor, Bethlehem, Haverfordwest SA62 5QL


We will not send papered tickets. You will receive a confirmation email of your booking and a text 48 hours before the event.


About the Night

Event 8pm - 2am

Free Parking

Free hot drinks and light refreshments

Use of paranormal equipment (k2, emf, spirit box, spirit boards, table tipping, and much more)

Free time.


Over 18's only. Strictly no drugs, alcohol, or pregnant women.


Deposit is non-refundable or transferable. Final balance due 2 weeks before the event. If the final balance has not been paid, you will lose your space on the event, and tickets may be resold at the final balance price. Final balance £14.


By booking this event, you agree to terms and conditions. Terms and conditions are available on the website.


•Although we research into the venues, we book and have reports of paranormal activity. We can not guarantee activity on the night.

Scolton Manor 27/07/24

Out of Stock, Contact us to join the waiting list.
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