Old Ford House



Forde House, now also known as Old Forde House, is a Grade I listed Jacobean former manor house in Newton Abbot, Devon, England. Built in 1610 by Sir Richard Reynelland in the shape of the letter E to honour Queen Elizabeth 1 who had recently passed. A house stood here dating back to 1539 prior to the current house being built in 1610. It is noted for its fine 17th-century wood-carving and plasterwork. Once the manor house of the parish of Wolborough, it is now absorbed into a suburb of Newton Abbot. The south front is clearly visible from the busy Brunel Road which cuts across the house's front lawn. Several Kings, Queens, Lords and ladies including King Charles in 1625, Oliver Cromwell and sir Thomas Fairfax stayed at Ford House since the reign of Queen Elizabeth 1. Passed to the Courtney family in 1648 after Powderham Castle their residence was damaged during the civil War. This beautiful house was passed through several families in its time before it was brought by teignbridge District Council in 1978. Now used as offices, conference spaces as well as being used for weddings and other events.


Reported activity Voices being heard, dark shadow figures seen and felt, making guests feel uncomfortable, noticable temperature drops, interaction with equipment and much more.


Address: Brunel Road, Newton Abbot, Devon TQ12 4XX


We ask that you arrive 15 minutes before the start time. Hot drinks will be available. We will not send papered tickets, You will receive a confirmation email of your booking and a email 24-48 hours before the event.


About the Night

Event 8pm - 2am

Free Parking

Free Hot drinks and light refreshments

Use of paranormal equipment (k2, emf, spirit box, oujia boards, table tipping and much more)

Free time.


Over 18’s. Strictly no drugs, alcohol or pregnant women.


By booking this event you agree to terms and conditions. Terms and conditions are available on the website.


•Although we research into the venues we book and have reports of paranormal activity. We cannot guarntee activity on the night.

Old Forde House 22/10/2022