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Merley house is a grade 1 listed Georgian Manor house which sits on 35 acres of beautiful grounds which over looks the stour valley. The manor house is located on the outskirts of Wimborne Minster. Merley house originally belonged to the lords of Canford. In 1751 Ralph Willit purchased the manor house. Ralph Willit started adding to the manor house to make it bigger and grander than it already was until it became what we see today. I'm 1772 Ralph Willet added several more rooms but these were demolished in the early 1800s when the house went up for auction. In 1875 the house and grounds were sold to an Ivor guest the 1st lord of Wimborne and then in 1927 the house was sold again to a Mr Angus Valdmar (the MP for south Dorset) in a very delapidated condition. Angus Valdmar spent years Renovitating the whole Manor house but in 1939 at the out break of war it requisitioned by the war office. They finally left the Manor house and grounds in 1946. Once again the Manor house went up for sale but this time it was sold off into 14 lots as the grounds had gone down to just 270 acres, then to be turned into flats. During the 1960s a holiday park was started by the present owners to help pay for the restoration of the house once again. Part of the house was then opened to the public. Most recently it was restored again to create a spacious and elegant area for a variety for different events .


Reported activity

Noises being heard to being touched. Intelligent interaction with a suicide victim. Reports of females feeling faint, apparation seen on the stair case and active oujia board sessions.


What will you encounter.


Address: Merley House, Merley House Ln, Wimborne BH21 3AA


We will not send papered tickets, You will receive a confirmation email of your booking and a text 24-48 hours before the event.


About the Night

Event 8pm - 2am

Free Parking

Free Hot drinks and light refreshments.

Use of paranormal equipment (k2, emf, spirit box, oujia boards, table tipping and much more)

Free time.

By booking this event you agree to terms and conditions.Terms and conditions are available on the website.


* Although we research into the venues we book and have reports of paranormal activity. We cannot guarantee activity on the night.

Merley House 20/05/2022