Judges Lodgings Presteigne

Saturday 1st October 2022


The house was once the Shire Hall for Radnorshire!

It became the centre for legal proceedings for 400 years!

By the early 1820s, the old building was in a terrible condition and the justices decided to build a new structure.

Judges lodgings was designed by Edward Haycock and was completed in 1829.

The shire hall continued to be used as a judicial facility for most of the 20th century!

Now fully restored and with its original furnishings, the rooms and building of this particular venue have been transformed into a lively museum!

We will get to explore the court room where many were sentenced, the prison cells located in the basement, the main house where the judge lived and servant quarters located underground!

Reported Activity

With items moving on there own to unexplained noises, doors slamming, dark shadows and the sound of cries echoing what will happen when we investigate here 👻


The Judge’s Lodging,

Broad Street,




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About the Night


Free Hot drinks and refreshments

Use of paranormal equipment (k2, emf, spirit box, oujia boards, table tipping and much more)

Free time.

Parking not available at location but in street and public car parks within walking distance.


Deposit are Non-Refundable. Deposit to be paid on booking with final balance due 2 weeks before the hunt. If final balance is not receieved you will lose your deposit and place. Deposit £15pp Final balance £20pp

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•Although we research into the venues we book and have reports of paranormal activity. We cannot guarantee activity on the night

Judges Lodging Presteigne 01/10/22

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