Fort Widley



Fort Widley was built in 1861 but was not completed until 1870. It was built to defend the city of Portsmouth from land and sea attacks. This six sided building was able to accommodate 250 men and there were 12 married quarters. The fort was part of the Palmerstons Folly which was named after the Prime Minister at the time Lord Henry Palmeston. Fort Widley was one of 6 Forts built but by the time they were finished, the threat of an invasion from the French was already over.

There is a spiral staircase in the middle of the fort that was used to access the four underground tunnels.

It was disarmed in 1907 but remained in military hands being used as a barracks for the Royal Artillery until 1939.

During World War II Fort Widley was used for planning rooms and as the Royal Engineers' Bomb Disposal Unit.

In 1942 it was used to house prisoners of war and from 1943 it was an alternative control centre for Southwick House (HMS Dryad).

Then on 19 February 1952, the Civil Defence Committee of Portsmouth Borough Council proposed the construction was needed for the borough to be used in the event of a nuclear attack; it was decided this should be established at Fort Widley.

It continued to perform this function until the end of the Cold War and the Portsmouth District Council Emergency Centre, as it was by then known, finally closed in 1992.


Reported Activity.

Reports of footsteps, banging and whistling have been heard. The little drummer boy who fell to his death on the spiral stairs, said to play games.

A dominant male – the shadow man has been seen walking with a lantern, peering over people at 7ft tall. A female spirit who is said to look after the children found in the tunnels.


Who will you encounter!!


On previous visits we have witnessed footsteps, equipment being triggered, Intelligent communications. Members have been touched and followed. Communications with The Sergeant who disliked females. Shadows been seen. This is a venue not to be missed.


Address: Fort Widley, Portsdown Hill Rd,Portsmouth, Hampshire, PO6 3LS


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Fort Widley 16/07/2022

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