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D Day Tunnels Portsmouth - 2nd November 2024

Why not join Dark Shadows Paranormal UK for our night out at these haunted tunnels!

With reports of ghostly sightings, sounds of radio communication, and chilling screams. On our last visits, we encountered a spirit mocking a team memebers voice! Lots of interaction with equipment and growls! What will you encounter in the dark and spooky tunnels ?

Come and explore the tunnels hidden below Fort Southwick. The D Day bunker, which has 1.5 miles of tunnels, was created in 1942 by Royal Engineers. Built as a secret underground bunker and used during WW2 and the cold War, they provided a safe and bombproof environment to work on some of the most important military decisions during World War 2 as well as The Cold War. Fort Southwick was used as a Naval, Army, and Air Force Operation Control and Communication Centre – call sign ‘MIN’.

The headquarters’ main role on D-Day was gathering information and coordinating the Allied naval forces.

Many reports from radar stations were cross-referenced with messages from shipping to provide an accurate picture of what was happening in the English channel. This information was then plotted on a large table map at Victorian Fort and was passed to the Allied commanders nearby at Southwick House. On the 6 June 1944 there were 700 staff working underground and 1000 above ground.

These tunnels are considered to be one of the most secretive locations. Even finding them today is not an easy task !

D Day Tunnels, Under Fort Southwick Portsmouth

PO17 6AR

About the night


Onsite parking

Free hot drinks and light refreshments

Use of paranormal equipment.

Free time.

Deposits are non refundable or transferable.

The final balance is due 2 weeks before the night. You will receive an invoice for the final balance. Final balance £20pp. If the final balance has not been paid, we may resell your tickets at the final balance price.

Over 16s, strictly no pregnant women, drugs, or alcohol.

*Although we research into each venue, we can not guarantee activity on the night.

D Day Tunnels 02/11/24

PriceFrom £20.00
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