🎄👻 Christmas @ Oxford Castle 11 Hour Lockdown 🎄👻

Saturday 17th December 2022👻

Includes festive snacks and a scratch cards! Will you win a free hunt!!

Are you brave enough to stay in a haunted castle and prison for 11 hours? Dare you sleep in the crypt? Join us for a sleepover in once of the UK’s most haunted locations.

Reported activity

Sightings of apparitions wondering the grounds, footsteps heard in the prison, strange noises in the crypt. Reports of people feeling uneasy, poltergeist activity, cell doors being slammed shut!! Guests and staff being touched!! The list goes on. Ask us to view the video footage we caught!!

Our last visit was amazing!! We are counting down the days to this night!! 👻


Oxford Castle is a large, partly ruined Norman medieval castle. After being granted land in oxfordshire by William the conqueror the Norman baron Robert D'Oyly the elder built the castle from 1071 to 1073. Positioned to the west side of the town, using the natural protection of a stream off the River Thames on the far side of the castle, now called Castle Mill Stream, and diverting the stream to produce a moat. Most of the original castle was replaced in stone in the late 12th or early 13th century and the castle played an important role in the conflict of the Anarchy. In the 14th century the castle was used primarily for county administration and as a prison. The surviving rectangular St George's Tower is now believed to pre-date the remainder of the castle and be a watch tower associated with the original Saxon west gate of the city.

Most of the castle was destroyed in the English Civil War and by the 18th century the remaining buildings had become Oxford's local prison. A new prison complex was built on the site from 1785 onwards and expanded in 1876; this became HM Prison Oxford.

The prison closed in 1996 and was redeveloped as a hotel and visitor attraction. The medieval remains of the castle, including the motte and St George's Tower and crypt, are Grade I listed buildings and a Scheduled Monument.

With nearly 1000 years worth of history its no wonder its haunted. What will you encounter?

We do not send papered tickets. These can be sent on request for a fee of £2. You will receive a confirmation email and an event detail email 24-48 hours before the night.

Address: 44-46 Oxford Castle, Oxford OX1 1AY

About the night.

9pm - 8am

Free Hot drinks and light refreshment

Breakfast for all that stay!

Use of paranormal equipment (k2, emf, spirit box, Ouija boards, table tipping and much more). 

Free time.                                                                                                                                 

Breakfast of pastries, hot drinks and fruit juices included. Sleeping facilities are not provided please bring along your own sleeping provisions. Find an area and bunk down or stay up and hunt the choice is yours.  

Hunt time 9.30-3.30am       

Over 18’s only. Strictly no alcohol, drug or pregnant women.

Deposit is non refundable or transferable. Final balance is due 4 weeks before the event. We will send you an invoice pleaze check you junk/spam.If you wish to pay sooner please contact us. Final balance £30pp

By booking you agree to terms and conditions.

•Although we research into the venues we book and have reports of paranormal activity. We cannot guarantee activity on the night

Christmas Sleepover @ Oxford Castle 17/12/22

PriceFrom £35.00