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Saturday 5th of November

Reported activity!!

With so many reports of seeing dark shadows, a celtic warrior and the lady in white said to be Princess Nest flowing through the castle. Carew castle also has a suprise for many investigators the spirit of a barbary ape!! Will you witness the ape climbing the stairway to the battlement tower? Over the years many reports of strange lights, unexplained noises, feeling of being watched, clanging of pots and pans. With Carew built on a limestone bluff what memories does it hold? Will this make it a more active night? That's for you to decide?

With so many reports of activity this is definitely a night not to be missed!


Originally an iron age fort now a castle and Tidal Mill. It's first know residents Gerald de Windsor who married Princess Nest in 1100. She brought the manor of Carew with her dowry and Gerald cleared the existing fort to build his own castle. In the the 12th century additions walls and rooms were added. Extentions to the castle were made again in the 15th century by Sir Rhys ap Thomas. After the execution of his Grandson in 1531 the ownership moved to the Crown. The castle had several tenants until the Carew family restored ownership of the castle in 1607 until it was left abandoned in 1686. Most of the castles was looted for lime burning and building stone. In 1983 the national Park authorities leased the castle and resorted much of the castle for you to visit today.

The Barbary ape.

Sir Rowland a tenant of the castle brought back an injured ape who was said to be trained on one fateful stormy night his sons unfavourable father in law Horowitz turned up distressed and upset that his daughter ran off with Rowlands son. Rowland release the ape who attacked Horowitz naturally escaping death a curse was put on Rowland who on that night was heard screaming from the battlement tower. At first light the staff found him in a pool of blood but the ape was nowhere to be seen!

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Castle Ln, Carew, Tenby SA70 8SL

About the Night.

9pm - 2am


Free Hot drinks and light refreshments

Use of paranormal equipment (k2, emf, spirit box, oujia boards, table tipping and much more)

Free time.

*No flash photography allowed at this venue due to bat's.

Over 18’s only. Strictly no alcohol, drug or pregnant women.

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Carew Castle 05/11/22

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