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👻Alcester War Memorial Town Hall👻

👻Saturday 8th June 2024👻


Why not join Dark Shadows Paranormal UK for a night at this haunted town hall!

Reported activity.

With so many reports of activity from people seeing a soldier, loud bangs, unexplained voices and noises, objects moving, mists appearing, and so much more!

With so much history and the building used for so many purposes, it's no suprise there is a lot of reported activity.


Alcester war mermorial town hall a grade 1 listed builing with beautiful wooden beams and feature fireplace. The lower floor was built in 1618 using limestone and sandstone with the 2nd floor completed in 1641 to keep costs down they used timber. Orgianlly used as a market. Improvements were made in 1813, where a horse-drawn fire engine was installed, and the village lock up later, adding a courtroom. The lock up known as 'the hole' still exists with the oak door and iron bars! The town stocks were held here and our on display. During the Great War, the building was used as a war hospital. It became a memorial for locals who died during the war, leading it to be renamed Alcester War Memorial Town Hall. During WW2, funds were raised to help the Royal Navy choose to adopt the Flower - Class Corvette HMS Monkshood. A plaque can be found in the town hall. Since the building has had many improvements to make it a diverse venue, it is today.


Henley St,


B49 5QX

About the Night

8pm - 2am

Free Local Parking

Free hot drinks and light refreshments

Use of paranormal equipment (k2, emf, spirit box, oujia boards, table tipping, and much more)

Free time.

Over 16's accompanied by an adult. Due to safety, no pregnant women or people under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

We will not send papered tickets, You will receive a confirmation email of your booking and an email 24-48 hours before the event.

By booking this event, you agree to terms and conditions on the website.

*Although we research every venue, we can not guarantee activity.

Alcester War Memorial Town Hall 08/06/24

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